Virat Kohli’s Instagram post

Virat Kohli’s Instagram post sets a new benchmark

Virat Kohli’s Instagram post sets a new benchmark


This week, cricket fever peaked when Virat Kohli’s Instagram post following India’s T20 World Cup win became the most-liked post in India. In just three days, the picture of Virat Kohli draped the national flag around his body in celebration after winning the final match with his teammate Rohit Sharma carrying the trophy crossed an incredible 20 million likes. This post breaks all the Instagram records and demonstrates the great love of cricket in India and the huge popularity of these two cricketing giants.

The post demonstrated the unifying effect of athletic victories, surpassing the previous record held by Bollywood actors Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s wedding post. With over 734,000 comments and 811,000 shares, the sheer amount of interaction highlights this victory’s emotional impact on supporters throughout the country.

There is more to this social media surge than a trend. With their skill and commitment, Virat Kohli and Sharma have long served as the faces of Indian cricket, inspiring countless numbers of people. This picture represents the result of years of grit and dedication, and their on-field relationship has been a key component of the team’s success.

Virat Kohli’s Instagram post

The post that broke the record is evidence of how much cricket is still loved in India. It’s a sport that knows no age, social class, or geographic restrictions. The overwhelming happiness that millions of people throughout the nation are experiencing is reflected in Kohli and Sharma’s jubilation.

It is noteworthy that although this post is the most popular on Indian social media, it still has a long way to go before breaking the world record. With an astounding 228 million likes, Lionel Messi’s photo celebrating Argentina’s World Cup victory in 2022 is the most-liked image on Instagram ever. Still, the success of Kohli and Sharma points to an expanding worldwide fan base for Indian cricket, and their dominance on social media is a sure sign of the game’s future growth.



  1. Which record did Virat Kohli break?

With 20 million likes in just three days, Virat Kohli’s joyous Instagram post following India’s T20 World Cup victory became the most-liked post in Indian history!


  1. Why is Virat Kohli’s viral Instagram post mattering so much?

This demonstrates both India’s intense love of cricket and the enormous popularity of Kohli and Sharma. It also emphasizes how unified people can be by winning sports.


  1. Is Virat Kohli’s Instagram post ever the most loved one?

No, the post by Kohli and Sharma is the most popular in India, but Lionel Messi’s World Cup-winning photo has received an incredible 228 million likes worldwide!

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