Ronaldo failed to score

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score in the group stage for the first time ever in his career

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score in the group stage for the first time ever in his career

A surprise turn occurred in Cristiano Ronaldo’s outstanding Euro career during Portugal’s unexpected 2-0 loss to Georgia. The 39-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, who is well-known for his ruthless finishing, missed the goal during the group stage of a significant international competition for the first time ever. Despite this, Portugal won Group F and advanced to face Slovenia in the Round of 16.

Although his lack of goals may cause some anxiety, Ronaldo’s influence on Portugal goes beyond the numbers. His experience and leadership continue to be essential to the team’s success. He did highlight his playmaking skills by providing an assist to Bruno Fernandes in the decisive 3-0 victory over Turkey.

More importantly, Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score made even more history in the Euro record books during the Georgia encounter. His presence combined his 22 World Cup appearances with a record-tying 28 European appearances to make a remarkable 50th appearance for Portugal at major events. With an incredible 130 goals, he became Portugal’s all-time top scorer, further cementing his legendary reputation.

Ronaldo is a leading scorer

Ronaldo’s incredible Euro legacy shouldn’t be overshadowed by this brief hiatus in his goal-scoring. With 14 goals, he is still without a doubt the competition’s leading scorer, a record he could potentially break during the playoffs. The intriguing question for the following games is whether Ronaldo can find his scoring form again and lead Portugal to a historic second Euro victory, or if his goal drought will persist. One thing is certain, though: Ronaldo’s undying desire for international glory will always burn fiercely. Only time will tell.

Still, concerns about his current lack of objectives remain. It’s reasonable to question if Father Time is finally catching up to the seasoned striker given that he has only scored one goal other than a penalty in his last ten major international outings. For Ronaldo, the next games will be a critical test. Can he silence his naysayers and get back to his goal-scoring ways, or will his teammates have to carry Portugal’s hopes of qualifying for the European Championship?

Ronaldo failed to score

Italy is defending its championship at the Euros. The championship will be in Germany from June 14 to July 14. Portugal is attempting to win a second title after winning the first one in 2016. The competition, which currently has 16 clubs competing in the knockout stages, looks to be a thrilling display of European football. Everyone will be watching Ronaldo to see whether he can turn this small setback into a victory and add yet another outstanding chapter to his storied international career.


  • Did Ronaldo score in the group stage of Euro 2024?

No, incredibly, Ronaldo was unable to score in either of Portugal’s group-stage games, which is a first for him in the group stages of a major tournament.


  • Is Portugal still winning the European Championship?

Indeed! Portugal won their group despite the defeat to Georgia, and they will now play Slovenia in the Round of 16.


  • During Euro 2024, did Ronaldo break any records?

Yes, in fact! His legendary status was cemented when he made his 50th appearance for Portugal at important events.


  • Is Ronaldo still the all-time leading scorer for Portugal?

Of course! His amazing record hasn’t been impacted by his goal drought. With an incredible 130 goals, he continues to be Portugal’s top scorer.

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