Rohit Sharma Receives Heartwarming Kisses

Rohit Sharma Receives Heartwarming Kisses from His Proud Mother

Rohit Sharma Receives Heartwarming Kisses from His Proud Mother: Video goes viral


It was more than the wild cheers of the fans when team India came to the Wankhed stadium after winning the T20 World Cup 2024. But one thing that is taking the attention of fans is the reunion of Rohit Sharma and his mother, Poornima Sharma.

The iconic Wankhede Stadium hummed with excitement, yet in the middle of the revelry, a touching scene occurred. Standing tall in the President’s box, Poornima Sharma battled against her health worries and disobeyed the doctor’s advice. Not only was this a win for India, but it also demonstrated a mother’s dedicated support. She admitted, “I never thought I’d see this day,” thinking back to when Rohit had considered retiring. They shared in this win together.

There was a sense of pride among the Mumbaikers as they gathered to watch their local hero. A special viewing was arranged by former secretary PV Shetty, who recalled how young Rohit was developing his talents. Vishal, Rohit’s brother, said, “The cheers show how much Mumbai loves him,” demonstrating the city’s fierce passion for its cricketing hero.

Rohit Sharma maintains his groundedness despite the huge honor and expectations from the country. He engaged with both locals and admirers, a move that brought back memories of his modest upbringing. “He hasn’t changed,” stated PV Shetty. “He met everyone and took pictures, just like the old days.” That was just Rohit, the young man who had high dreams and made his city proud, not Captain Rohit Sharma. With pride in her eyes, Poornima Sharma took in all of it and relished each second of her son’s well-earned success.

Mumbai’s steadfast support was e

Rohit Sharma Receives Heartwarming Kisses

vident in the city’s shouts of “Mumbaicha Raja (Mumbai’s King) Rohit Sharma,” echoing through the streets. While acknowledging the thrilling environment, Rohit made it clear that the nation as a whole should also take pride in the team’s success. This World Cup victory was more than just a sporting triumph; it was a celebration of a city-bound together by its love of football and its champion son, as well as of family and community.



  • What was the touching incident that went beyond raising the trophy with Rohit Sharma?

The tearful reunion between Rohit Sharma and his mother, Poornima Sharma, who overcame health issues to see him win.


  • How was the celebration in Rohit Sharma’s hometown?

Mumbai citizens who had grown up in Sharma’s home neighborhood came together to cheer on the team and show their pride, causing chaos in the process.


  • How did Rohit handle the victory despite his notoriety?

Despite the praise, Rohit maintained his composure by conversing with both fans and locals and displaying his modesty.


  • How did Mumbai celebrate their victory?

Chants of “Mumbaicha Raja (Mumbai’s King) Rohit Sharma” reverberated across the streets, demonstrating the city’s enduring love.

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