Rohit Sharma dances to dhol

Rohit Sharma dances to dhol during the grand welcome in Delhi

Rohit Sharma dances to dhol during the grand welcome in Delhi


The T20 World Cup-winning team landed in Delhi in the morning after their victory in Barbados. The whole of India was waiting for the team to come back home. As the team landed in Delhi, cricket passion surged to new heights in the city. Captain Rohit Sharma set the festive mood by dancing with the T20 World Cup trophy, and the mood only got better when they landed.

Fans flocked to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport in large numbers. Their shouts of “Virat Kohli! Virat Kohli!” are a monument to the team’s unity. With the prize raised high, Captain Sharma graciously thanked the applause by waving before leaving the terminal.

It was an amazing scene outside the airport. The joyous dhol rhythms were more than just background noise. Each cricket fan could feel the emotions of welcoming the winning team I. Renowned for his powerful batting, Suryakumar Yadav brought the same fire to the dance floor, his dance moves precisely coordinating with the fun mood. Not far behind, local boy Rishabh Pant joined the dance party on the way and soaked up the applause from the audience.

Rohit Sharma was jigging with the trophy among his teammates and media aboard the specially chartered flight. This was more than simply the exhausting trip back from Barbados. It was an opportunity to celebrate the historic accomplishment with each other and the supporters who had spurred them on throughout the competition.

The wait is finally come to an end. The team India will be marching on Mumbai’s Marine drive at 5 PM. India’s T20 World Cup win is precious because, after years of close calls in important matches, the team has finally achieved what it deserved. The players’ combined happiness and Sharma’s infectious dancing moves make it a celebration worthy of champions. Even though the trophy is home, the memories and maybe even a few more dance steps are still to be witnessed.



  • How did the Indian cricket team commemorate their victory in the T20 World Cup?

The Delhi airport welcomed the team with dhol rhythms and enthusiastic spectators. During the festivities outside the hotel and on the trip home, Captain Rohit Sharma danced with the trophy.


  • What kind of vibe existed at the airport in Delhi during the team India’s welcome?

Huge crowds of fans flocked to the airport, chanting Virat Kohli’s name in appreciation for the team’s combined efforts.


  • Did the celebrations begin before the team India even touched down?

Captain Sharma danced with reporters and teammates while celebrating with the trophy on the special aircraft back from Barbados.


  • What is the significance of the team Indian’s celebration?

The warm welcome is indicative of India’s long wait for a significant tournament victory. The team’s joyous celebration dances are proof that they are truly cherishing this victory.

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