Why is “MBA CHAIWALA” supporting South Africa in this World Cup final?

Why is “MBA CHAIWALA” supporting South Africa in this World Cup final?


One person has taken the internet by storm today and it is none other than Praful Billore the MBA CHAIWALA. Indian social media is all about him today but why? This modest Indian businessman has gained popularity not only for his chai stall brand but also for an odd series of coincidences that have generated curiosity and conjecture on social media sites like Instagram.

Praful Billore’s rise to prominence started with his modest tea station, which he titled “MBA CHAIWALA,” where he skillfully combines networking and entrepreneurship. But it’s not just his ability to make chai that makes him unique; it’s also his strange interactions with public personalities and celebrities. With a social media feed that features a who’s who of the powerful, Billore’s followers range from Indian politicians to international corporate tycoons and cricket celebrities.

However, there’s a strange pattern underlying this seemingly innocent sequence of get-togethers that has both confused and entertained social media users. Called the “MBA Chaiwala Curse” by some, there is a notion in some areas that anyone who comes into contact with Billore may quickly become embroiled in unexpected problems.

Consider his meeting with the wealthy entrepreneur Gautam Adani. Adani had a decline in his commercial fortunes shortly after their meeting, which sparked a flurry of speculative rumors online. There are many similar stories—whether it’s about a political figure embroiled in controversy or a cricket player experiencing a decline in form—which raise the possibility that Billore’s presence is more than coincidence.

The phenomena extend beyond coincidental events. The conversation on social media intensifies with every new interaction and event that follows, attributing favorable or unfavorable results to the “MBA Chaiwala Effect.” It is evidence of the ability of social media to shape narratives and perceptions in the digital era.


All eyes are on Billore once more as the India vs. South Africa T20 World Cup Final approaches. Known for his loud backing of cricket teams in the past, his loyalty to South Africa in this key match has caused debate among supporters. Will, as some speculate, his endorsement change the outcome? Or is it just another chapter in the erratic influence of MBA Chaiwala’s story?

Many social media posts are circulated on social media platforms where he can be seen wearing a South Africa cricket team jersey. Many social media meme pages trolled him for his cursed past. In a social media post, we found a post where he tweeted in favor of South Africa winning the final match. In a nutshell, he wants India to win the T20 World Cup final. In other words, he is considering hate as the new love.

Regardless of the result, one thing is certain: in a world where social media makes it difficult to distinguish between truth and perception, people like Praful Billore fascinate, amuse, and make us wonder about the powers at work behind the scenes.

Ultimately, regardless of one’s belief in coincidences or the “MBA Chaiwala Curse,” it is impossible to ignore the influence this contemporary mystery has had on the digital world. One post, one meeting, and one social media tempest at a time, the world observes and admires the tale of MBA Chaiwala.


The conclusion is that India is winning the T20 World Cup 2024.

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