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Jay Shah Issues Warning To Ishan Kishan: ‘Nakhre Nahi Chalenge…

Jay Shah Issues Warning To Ishan Kishan: ‘Nakhre Nahi Chalenge…


Ishan Kishan the dynamic wicketkeeper-batsman, who was formerly thought to be India’s limited-overs cricket future, is no longer included in the Ranji Trophy squad for his state team and is being ignored by both the national team and the national team. This shocking revelation indicates the important question: is the BCCI overreaching in its power play?

The BCCI is stubborn that domestic cricket serves as a testing ground. Kishan gave the impression that he valued lucrative IPL contracts over serving his country when he chose to forego the Ranji Trophy in defiance of board directives. The word from coach Rahul Dravid was clear: perform well at home to be taken into consideration. Kishan made a different decision and is now dealing with the fallout.

However, is the BCCI imposing undue punishment? After the IPL 2024. He was not included in the T20 World Cup squad. And now he is not even considered on the list for the Zimbabwe tour. Some rumors say there is something similar to a clash between Ishan and Shubman Gill. Is the BCCI enforcing its vision by using Kishan as an example, or are there personal grievances involved? Their quiet simply encourages rumors.

Ishan Kishan

Debate is sparked by Kishan’s situation. Is young talent being stifled by the BCCI’s demands for unswerving obedience? Or is Kishan the victim of his own careless choices? Will Kishan be able to make up ground and regain his spot with the next World Cup approaching?

Kishan needs to show that he is fully committed to the domestic circuit. Meanwhile, the BCCI must strike a balance between maintaining a healthy environment for young players and enforcing punishment. Ishan Kishan, a gifted cricket player caught in the crossfire between ambition and authority, would remain in exile till then.


  • Ishan Kishan is not part of the Ranji Trophy team; why?

According to reports, he ignored the BCCI’s orders and chose to focus on the IPL instead of the Ranji Trophy. His expulsion from the squad resulted from this.


  • Has Ishan Kishan also been cut from the Zimbabwe tour?

Yes, Kishan was passed over for the Zimbabwe tour and the T20 World Cup.


  • Is there a disagreement between Captain Subhman Gill and Ishan Kishan?

There have been conflicting rumors, but nothing solid. The BCCI’s lack of response encourages rumours.


  • Is this too harsh from the BCCI on Ishan Kisha?

While some believe Kishan should perform domestically, others have concerns about the BCCI’s handling of the matter.

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