Ishan Kishan Reveals

Ishan Kishan reveals why he rejected the BCCI order to play Ranji Trophy

Ishan Kishan reveals why he rejected the BCCI order to play Ranji Trophy


The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, Ishan Kishan reveals his decision to quit the Indian national team and be taken off the BCCI’s central contracts list. After missing Ranji Trophy matches due to personal reasons, Kishan—who last played for his nation in November 2023—left the South Africa tour, drawing criticism from various quarters.

However, Ishan Kishan recently told the Indian Express that he was having mental health issues and wasn’t in the proper mindset to play domestic cricket. “Taking a break was appropriate,” Kishan said. He claimed, “It wasn’t making sense to me,” even as he acknowledged the importance of local performances for a return to form for the national team. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to play international cricket, so I took a break.”

Ishan Kishan said, “It was quite depressing”. “Not everything was well. It was by no means simple. You go through a lot,” he went on, suggesting that there was an emotional cost to being a benchwarmer on the national team.

Kishan’s condition raises the question of whether mental health may ever take priority over urgent cricket duties, notwithstanding the BCCI’s need that domestic play be completed to qualify for the national squad.

Ishan Kishan Reveals

It’s still unclear what Kishan’s future will hold. He would need to get back into form and prove his fitness in league games played at home if he wanted to rejoin the Indian team. His story does, however, draw attention to the growing conversation about mental health in sports, which needs to happen in tandem with concerns about performance on the pitch.



  • Ishan Kishan took a break from cricket, why?

Ishan Kishan disclosed that he was struggling with mental health concerns and was not in the appropriate mental state for the game.


  • Why was Kishan’s decision to skip the Ranji trophy criticized?

For a national comeback, the BCCI typically demands domestic performances; therefore, Kishan’s decision to forego the Ranji Trophy sparked concerns about his level of dedication.


  • What aspects of Kishan’s case stand out?

It highlights the difficulties with mental health that athletes face and the necessity of support networks to deal with them.


  • What is Ishan Kishan’s next move?

To possibly rejoin the Indian squad, he needs to get back into form in domestic competitions.

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