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Gulbadin Naib cramp controversy: Will he Face Ban For ‘Faking Injury’?

Gulbadin Naib cramp controversy: Will he Face Ban For ‘Faking Injury’?



There have been several of surprises throughout the 2024 T20 World Cup, but none quite as spectacular as the recent match between Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The game, which was about to get ruined by weather and a suspicious on-field incident, has sparked a heated discussion about whether Afghanistan cheated to earn their historic first-ever semi-final trip.

The all-rounder Gulbadin Naib is the center of the controversy. So what was the actual scenario? Afghanistan’s coach Jonathan Trott was seen telling his team to calm down, as Bangladesh only needed three more runs to stay ahead of the DLS par mark. Naib, who was positioned at slip, noticed the sign of the coach and suddenly collapsed to the ground while holding his hamstring. Commentators were eager to point out flaws, claiming that it was a calculated tactic to waste time and force a washout, which, according to Duckworth-Lewis, would have given Afghanistan the advantage.

To be honest, Naib’s injury seemed convenient. But soon enough, the rain came down, making the covers necessary and possibly justifying what he’d done. Rashid Khan, the captain of Afghanistan, spoke up for his colleague, saying Naib was indeed cramping. Fans, however, exploded on social media, attacking the team for what they saw as “cheap tactics.”

It’s unclear if Naib’s actions are lawful. Time-wasting is illegal according to ICC standards, but demonstrating purpose is essential. The only penalty the on-field umpires could have called at that particular time was a five-run penalty.

The ICC’s Code of Conduct is the more significant issue. Level 1 or Level 2 offenses include timewasting, which carries a heavy fine or suspension points. Nevertheless, it is challenging to place blame on Naib given the absence of an official inquiry and his claims of injuries.

This event has brought attention to a dark area in the cricket rules. Although it is unethical to fake an illness, it is unclear where to draw the line between real discomfort and a calculated time-out.

Did Afghanistan take advantage of a weakness or just a fortuitous event? Share your opinions on this.



  • What is the controversy about Gulbadin Naib?

In a rain-affected game, Afghanistan’s coach gave the command to slow down, with Bangladesh only needing three runs, according to DLS. Gulbadin Naib clutched his hamstring and collapsed to the ground shortly after. This led to claims that an injury was staged in order to stall the process and induce a washout that would have favored Afghanistan.


  • Was Gulbadin Naib faking the injury?

Gulbadin Naib claims to have cramps, although there are questions about the time of his fall. It is challenging to establish intent, though, because there hasn’t been a formal investigation and it started to rain shortly after.


  • Can the ICC bring charges against Gulbadin Naib for faking injury?

Time-wasting is a violation of the ICC Code of Conduct. However, the onus of demonstrating intentional time wastage through injury fraud rests on the victim.


  • Did Afghanistan mislead in the Afghanistan vs Bangladesh match?

While some consider what they did to be unethical, others saw it as a calculated move that took advantage of legal gaps. Their victory is shrouded in debate because there was no definitive decision.

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