DC vs GT

DC vs GT: Will Pant and Gill manage to secure a win towards the playoffs?

DC vs GT: Will Pant and Gill manage to secure a win towards the playoffs?


IPL 2024 is unexpectedly turning out to be one of the astonishing tournaments ever witnessed since its inception. Subhman Gill-led Gujarat Titans is presenting a strong cemented foot this season, having won 4 out of the total 8 matches played.

Though their presentation lately has been on a toss, the team is playing on the front foot with well planned strategies that is pushing their way forward up in the leaderboard. The team, despite being on a constant streak of winning and losing, holds a potential to qualify for the playoffs.

On the contrary, Delhi Capitals have shown weak performances in the tournament so far and hold sleek chances to move up ahead in the game. Though a matter of debate, DC is showing potential to be eliminated if they fail to roll up sleeves and buckle up their on-field team strategy.

Delhi is currently standing at no 8 in the IPL leaderboard, having won only 3 out of the total 8 matches played, with a NRR of -0.477.

In comparison with Gujarat, the latter holds an appreciable no 6 position in the IPL leaderboard, with a NRR of -1.055. Both the teams need to put up their best performances as the league progresses forward.

One casual mistake can cost either team to lose crucial points and pave their way down in the leaderboard, which can directly lead to elimination! The match between DC vs GT will be an absolute classic to watch, leaving cricket fans on the edge of their seats.

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DC vs GT


DC vs GT: Team news from the pitch

Though both teams are preparing themselves to put up a strong fight, Delhi capitals are showing a weaker sign as they have lost 3 matches out of the last 5. Gujarat, on the contrary, have won 2 out of their last five matches.

Drawing comparison between DC vs GT, Delhi and Gujarat have clashed against each other for a total of 3 times. Wherein Delhi has emerged victorious once, and the latter twice.

Delhi’s highest total against Gujarat has been 162, while the vice versa stands at 171. Though Gujarat cannot be categorized as a weak team, Mohammed Shami was an asset to the franchise. 

Shami was also awarded the player of the match for his outstanding 4/11 in just four overs, not speaking about his ability to take crucial wickets. However, his absence from the franchise this season due to an injury has proved to be a major setback.

All eyes will be glued today on their screens as the match unfolds over the 22 yards of teh Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium in New Delhi at sharp 7:30 pm IST.

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Delhi vs Gujarat: Pitch & Weather report

The pitch at the Arun Jaitley Stadium can pose a typical challenge to batsmen, as the pitch is a bit slow and can prove to be a reason behind a small chase. 

However, the small circumference of the field and the quick outfield compensates for this, and enables a high-scoring encounter.

In the last IPL game played on this pitch which was between Hyderabad and Delhi, SRH secured a whopping 266 runs in 20 overs for a loss of 7 wickets. Delhi crumbled for the chase and accepted defeat at a short of 67 runs.

Weather forecast predicts that temperature in New Delhi will not rise above 30 degrees, with an actual feel of around 28 degrees. The humidity will average roughly around 18%, with negligible chances of rain.

Google predicts a win probability of 49% for Delhi, and 51% for Gujarat. Whatever the outcome may be in today’s IPL match between DC vs GT, the match promises to be an enthralling encounter worth witnessing.

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