SRH vs RR: The clash between the two most deserving teams this season!

SRH vs RR: The clash between the two most deserving teams this season!


The Indian Premier league this year has been an absolute charm to the eyes to witness, and has been nothing short of a fairytale. Outperforming veteran teams such as MI and CSK, the ‘underdog’ teams SRH vs RR have literally been on a winning spree this year, topping the IPL leaderboard.

Rajasthan lifted the IPL trophy in its inaugural season in 2008, and has since been looking to claim the title of IPL champions for a second time. Speaking about Hyderabad, they claimed the IPL champions title in 2016 under the leadership of Aussie opener David Warner, defeating RCB in the finals!

Both the teams have really imposed a strong cemented foot in IPL this year from the very beginning, and have put forward their best performance in every match they played!

Rajasthan Royals is truly the most deserving team to lift the trophy this season, sitting at the top of the IPL leaderboard. With 16 points and a NRR of +0.694 against their badge, the team has already qualified for the playoffs, and is most likely to face off with either KKR, LSG, CSK, or SRH in the qualifiers!

On the contrary, Hyderabad is sitting at no 5 in the IPL leaderboard, with 10 points and a NRR of +0.075, having won 5 matches out of the total 9 played. Rajasthan has won 4 out of the last 5 matches, while Hyderabad has won 3.

Whatever the performances of these 2 teams have been against others, the clash between SRH vs RR has been on the bucket list for cricket fans across the globe this year. All eyes will be glued on the screens today as SRH vs RR unfolds on the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad at 7:30 pm IST sharp.

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SRH vs RR: Team news from the pitch

Though the outcome of today’s match between SRH vs RR is a matter of debate, the potential for a RR win is highly evident. But tracing back to Travis Head’s performance in the past matches, the wind can turn into any direction in today’s high-stake encounter, and favor either team!

Hyderabad and Rajasthan have clashed for a total of 18 times so far, wherein both the teams have emerged victorious equally, 9 times each. That proves that both the teams will have a neck-to-neck fight today.

Hyderabad’s highest total against Rajasthan is 217, while the vice versa stands at 220. What makes today’s encounter even more interesting is that both these teams will face off each other for the very first time this season.

We all have a fair idea on the performances that SRH and RR have been putting up so far, with their explosive batting and bowling lineups, disrupting the strategies and restricting the flow of runs even of 5-time IPL champion teams of CSK and MI.

However, watching these two teams clash together that have disrupted the performance of almost every other team is something that goes beyond the expression of words. The last time when both the teams clashed was on May 7 last year.

RR made a whopping 214 runs in 20 overs at a loss of only 2 wickets. Though chances of RR winning the game were invincible, SRH chased the target on the final ball and snatched the win by 4 wickets.

Glenn Philips sealed off 25 runs in 7 balls to lock SRH’s win, and was awarded the man of the match in that game. 

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SRH vs RR: Pitch & Weather report

The chasing team typically can enjoy the maximum flow of runs, as the presence of dew can influence the game, even to a minor extent. The pitch also allows some seam movement of the ball early in the game, which can facilitate the bowlers.

However, the new ball which is yet to adapt to the conditions of the pitch makes it easy for batsmen for a hard hit, enabling for a high scoring encounter.

Weather forecast predicts the temperature to average around 31 degree celsius, and humidity around 21%. There are negligible chances of rainfall.

Google predicts a 49% winning possibility for SRH, while 51% for RR. Watch ipl live only on Winexch to stay updated with every single hook and crook of today’s match.

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