Accha hua ball Surya ke haath main baitha

Accha hua ball Surya ke haath main baitha

Accha hua ball Surya ke haath main baitha, warna aage jakar main usko bitha deta: Rohit


The Indian team that won the T20 World Cup recently has a well-established sense of brotherhood. But some lighthearted banter gave social media users a taste of this team spirit at a recent felicitation ceremony organized by the Maharashtra government.

Leading Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis were present at the function, along with T20 World Cup-winning captain Rohit Sharma and several Mumbai-based players who were part of team India.

Star batsman Suryakumar Yadav, who is renowned for his flashy batting style, had earlier discussed in Marathi during his speech about the thrilling final over catch he made at the boundary line during the last over. He put it comically, saying that the ball got settled in his hand.”

Rohit Sharma addressed the same subject in a lighthearted manner when he took the mic.

“Surya ne bola ki haath mei ball baith gaya. Sharma said in Marathi, which translates into Hindi “Accha hua ball Surya ke haath main baitha, warna aage jakar main usko bitha deta (Like Surya mentioned the ball sat in his hand, good that it did otherwise I would have made him sit out later).”

This playful dig at his colleague, which indicated the key catch that secured India’s victory, summed up the team’s laid-back and self-assured vibe admirably. It also highlighted the close relationship between Sharma and Yadav, who have long been the cornerstones of the Indian batting lineup.

The players weren’t the only ones that laughed. Even the luminaries in attendance, such as Dy. CM Fadnavis and CM Shinde appeared to be having fun with the lighthearted banter. This incident went beyond sports, showing the human connection these cricket players have with both their state’s authorities and their supporters.

This playful conversation not only shows the team’s bond but also serves as a reminder of the tremendous pressure these athletes endure during crucial games. The fact that Rohit Sharma was able to make this stressful situation hilarious shows how good of a leader he is and how comfortable the squad is under pressure.


  • Why did the Maharashtra government hold the event?

In recognition of the Indian cricket team that won the T20 World Cup, the Maharashtra government held a felicitation ceremony.


  • What did Suryakumar Yadav state in his speech?

Suryakumar Yadav made a funny statement in Marathi, describing the catch as one in which he felt immense pressure as the ball “sat in his hand.”


  • What amusing comment did Rohit Sharma make on Surya Kumar Yadav? 

In fun, Rohit Sharma stated (in Marathi) in response to Yadav’s remark, “Good thing the ball sat in Surya’s hand, otherwise I would have had to bench him later!”


  • Why is the video of Rohit Sharma going viral?

Fans found this humorous dialogue touching since it demonstrated the team’s great camaraderie and Rohit Sharma’s leadership abilities.

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