Virat Kohli Said on the Video Call

WPL 2024: Due to Loud Celebrations Didn’t hear what Virat Kohli said on the video call: Smriti Mandhana

WPL 2024: Due to Loud Celebrations Didn’t hear what Virat Kohli said on the video call: Smriti Mandhana

After their decisive eight-wicket victory over Delhi Capitals on Sunday, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team won their first Women’s Premier League (WPL) title. The team’s camp broke out in celebration. There was an obvious sense of excitement among the players, staff, and supporters as they celebrated the team’s much-needed victory. But in the midst of the commotion, RCB captain Smriti Mandhana and former captain Virat Kohli said on the video call shared a touching moment that was barely audible.

After defeating Delhi Capitals by eight wickets, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) camp was erupting in pure pleasure. Due to that, cheers broke out from the players, coaching staff, and a sea of fervent supporters as they celebrated the team’s much-needed first Women’s Premier League (WPL) championship. In the middle of this thrilling environment, RCB captain Smriti Mandhana and former captain Virat Kohli shared a touching moment that included a small amount of unintentional humor.
In the men’s IPL, Kohli has been a pillar of support for the RCB family for more than 15 years. He sent Mandhana a heartfelt congratulations via video chat. Clearly, the feelings were high on both ends. But there was an unanticipated barrier due to the overwhelming joy and excitement at the full Arun Jaitley Stadium.

Smriti didn’t hear what Virat Kohli said on the video call

“At the post-match press conference, I didn’t hear anything he was saying because it was too loud,” Mandhana said. “He gave me the thumbs up, and I responded in kind. I’ll be seeing him soon. He had a cheery smile on his face.”
Mandhana stated she could see Kohli’s beaming smile and accepted the thumbs-up signal, which signifies his happiness for the team’s triumph, despite the audio disruption. This short conversation was more important than just a happy occasion. It brought to light the close-knit community that exists within the RCB, where players of the future are encouraged and supported by elders like Virat Kohli.
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Virat Kohli Said on the Video Call

Kohli’s Pep Talk Leaves a Lasting Impact

Mandhana went into more detail about her relationship with Kohli, creating a tapestry of historical inspiration. “I remember him coming here last year,” she remarked, her voice tinged with thanks. “He delivered a short, yet impactful motivational talk that resonated deeply with me, personally, and undoubtedly, with the entire team.” Her remarks demonstrated how Kohli’s leadership goes beyond his playing career and showed how he can ignite the RCB women’s team.
There appears to have been a lingering effect on Mandhana and the RCB team from this previous contact with Kohli. It’s evidence of Kohli’s leadership abilities and his capacity to inspire players long after he has finished playing.

Mandhana’s Unique Celebration Style

In stark contrast to her teammates’ joyous celebrations, Mandhana’s post-win expression painted a different picture. The captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore acknowledged adopting a more reserved demeanor, saying, “I walked to the dressing room and sat. It’s challenging to enjoy life as others do. I’m not sure; there seems to be a flaw.”
This self-deprecating comment provided insight into Mandhana’s leadership style. Mandhana’s attention appears to be more inward, on digesting the accomplishment and thinking back on the journey that brought them there, whereas other captains thrive on the external affirmation of victory celebrations.

A New Chapter for RCB: A Legacy in the Making

The WPL title for RCB is a noteworthy accomplishment for the team. The men’s squad has been incredibly close to winning the IPL several times throughout the years but has always failed at the last hurdle. With their recent victory, the women’s team has ended the drought and made history.
This victory opens a new chapter in the history of RCB. The squad can become a dominant force in the WPL for many years to come if they have a solid core of players and a strong supporting cast. The relationship that exists between the current RCB women’s team and men’s game legend Virat Kohli serves to fortify the franchise’s identity and build a link among younger players.
Despite some audio glitches, the joyful video conference represents this relationship. It represents the passing of the baton, with Kohli’s wisdom and vision encouraging the following wave of RCB players. Perhaps a deeper discussion that transcends the joyous noise can occur between Mandhana and Kohli. They get ready to meet in Bengaluru, strengthening the link between the past and present and laying the groundwork for RCB’s future success.
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