Yuvraj singh statement on Abhishek Sharma

Yuvraj Happy When Abhishek Sharma Got Out for a Duck

Shocking: Yuvraj was very happy when Abhishek Sharma got out for a duck


The young team India recently lost the first T20 against Zimbabwe. The young Indian opener Abhishek Sharma had a disappointing debut against Zimbabwe in the first T20I. Abhishek Sharma Got Out for a duck and India lost the game by 13 runs. But Abhishek Sharma recovered magnificently in the second match and scored a fierce 47-ball century. Due to that, India won the match by a commanding 100 runs. 

The 23-year-old Abhishek shared some fascinating revelations in a video that the BCCI uploaded. Notably, following Sharma’s duck in the opening game, his instructor, Yuvraj Singh, seemed pleased. “I spoke to him yesterday (Saturday) also, and I don’t know why he was very happy when I got out on zero,” Sharma said. “He said that’s a good start.” Although the cause of Yuvraj’s happiness is unknown, it may have served to highlight the difficult path ahead for the beginner(Abhishek Sharma) and relieve some of the burden on him.

Abhishek Sharma acknowledged that Yuvraj helped shape him both on and off the pitch. Abhishek said, “It’s all because of him as well, the hard work he has put in (shaping) me. For two-three years, he has worked hard not only on my cricket but off the pitch (life) as well.” This demonstrates the vital role mentors play in a budding cricket player’s career, offering direction and encouragement in addition to technical expertise.”

After Abhishek Sharma’s century knock, Yuvraj Singh sent him a comforting note. “Excellent work; you truly deserve it. This is just the beginning of many more.” Abhishek Sharma will surely find this advice to be a huge confidence boost as he starts his international career.

Yuvraj singh statement on Abhishek Sharma

The short breaks between games also appeared to help Sharma. “We lost yesterday but I felt, today is my day and I should take the match to the end, the positive was that we didn’t have much time to think about the next game,” he said. He and Ruturaj Gaikwad (77* off 47 balls) built a good 137-run stand that laid the groundwork for India’s win.

Abhishek Sharma also expressed gratitude to his teammates for their support, especially to Shubman Gill of the Punjab Kings, who loaned him his bat for the game. “Special thanks to Shubman who timely gave me his bat, this was a much-needed innings for me and the team,” he stated. The future is bright for Abhishek Sharma as he continues to learn and develop under the close supervision of his instructor, Yuvraj Singh, having already completed an incredible first series.

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  • What was the score of Abhishek Sharma in the T20I debut?

Abhishek Sharma made a dismal start to the first T20I match against Zimbabwe.


  • How did Abhishek Sharma recover from his underwhelming debut?

Sharma produced an incredible comeback, smashing a magnificent 47-ball century in the second T20I.


  • Abhishek Sharma attributed his achievement to whom?

Abhishek Sharma acknowledged that cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who served as his guru, shaped him both on and off the pitch.


  • After Abhishek Sharma scored a century, what message did Yuvraj Singh send him?

Yuvraj congratulated Abhishek Sharma on his accomplishment and encouraged him, stating, “Many more (such innings) to come.” This is only the beginning.”

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