MI vs RR

RR vs MI: Will the underdogs dominate or defending champions claim their title back?

ARR vs MI: Will the underdogs dominate or defending champions claim their title back?


What a series so far! IPl 2024 has been by far one of the most interesting tournaments since 2008 leaving cricketing fans across the globe on the edge of their seats. This year’s IPL has been an absolute charm to the eyes with the underdog teams rising their way to the top, and veteran teams falling prey to them!

Rajasthan Royals have torn all their previous performance records, and are sitting at the top of the leaderboard with 6 wins in 7 matches and a whopping NRR of + 0.667. 

RR is showing a stormy potential to pocket this year’s IPL trophy, after their last series win in the inaugural season of IPL in 2008.

Mumbai Indians has been the defending champions ever since with players like Rohit Sharma heading the team for years, until 2024 where Pandya was bought back to MI from Gujarat Titans.

MI proudly wears the crown of 5-time IPL champions with veteran players like Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, Romario Shepherd, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and more.

However, under Pandya’s captaincy and leadership, the team is not performing as expected this season and has been on a constant losing spree. MI has only won 3 of the 7 matches played, and currently holds 7th position in the IPL leaderboard with a NRR of -0.133.


Rajasthan vs Mumbai: A brief overview

Though MI has slim chances of qualifying for the playoffs this year, the wind can turn in any direction in high-stake matches like these and favor either teams! 

Today’s iconic encounter between RR vs MI will be an absolute thrill to the eyes for cricket fans not only in India, but also beyond the international borders.

The lights shine bright over the 22 yards of Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium in Jaipur, Rajasthan as both the teams roll up their sleeves to pocket a much-needed win at this time of the league!

Today marks the 38th match of the 74 matches in the tournament! A win is essential at the moment for any moment if they want to climb the ladder towards playoffs. Don’t miss the iconic clash between RR vs MI and watch ipl live from the comfort of your home.

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MI vs RR

RR vs MI: Team news from the pitch

The IPL leaderboard topper Rajasthan is showing a strong potential over Mumbai in today’s IPL match. Both the teams have competed against each other in 29 matches so far!

Rajasthan has emerged victorious in 13 matches so far, while MI has pocketed 15 wins, and 1 match did not produce any fruitful results. Rajasthan’s total runs against MI is 212 so far, while the vice versa stands at 214.

Rajasthan have won the last 2 of the 5 matches that it played against Mumbai. The scoreboard was not a very proud showcase, as MI managed to make a mere 125/9 in 20 overs. RR chased down their target in just 15.3 overs.

Google predicts the winning potential of RR at 45%, while Mumbai here takes away the favor at 55%. MI needs a strong on-field strategy in today’s match to disrupt the bowling attack from the opposition and also restrict the flow of runs by Sanju Samson-led RR.


Pitch & Weather report

Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium can be claimed among the top IPL favorite pitches for both batsmen and bowlers alike. The pitch provides a ground for a high-scoring encounter, and aids bowlers in the same way.

Speaking about all the 4 games that have been played at the Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium this season, the teams have managed to set up a score above 180. Hopefully, today’s clash between Rajasthan vs Mumbai can spot a high-score chase as well.

Weather forecast predicts that the temperature in Jaipur will hover around 28 degrees with an actual feel of around 25 degrees, and will remain mild throughout the game. The humidity will soar near 26%, with negligible chances of rainfall. 

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