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Narendra Modi and Amit Shah applied for Team India’s head Coach Position?

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah applied for Team India’s head Coach Position?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is in charge of managing the Men in Blue. Recently, BCCI has asked for applications for Team India’s head Coach position. However, the BCCI has also received a burst of fake applications in addition to genuine ones. And you will be surprised to know that these fake applications include the names of several well-known figures.

The hunt for Rahul Dravid’s replacement has taken a fascinating turn. His time as head coach draws to an end after the T20 World Cup in 2024. According to news sources, the BCCI has reportedly received over 3,000 applications, some of which contained names that made the board members laugh. Renowned cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, and MS Dhoni have reportedly applied alongside prominent Indian politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

BCCI insider disclosed that this is not for the first time

Speaking under anonymity, a BCCI insider disclosed that this is not for the first time. “Last year too, we received applications from imposters, and it seems the trend continues,” they stated. The presenter demonstrated how simple it is to arrange applications that are received using Google Forms, a tool made specifically for this purpose.

The procedure is made funnier by these fake applications, but the BCCI’s principal goal is still to find genuine candidates. Now that Dravid’s exit has been verified, speculation about who would take his position has intensified. There are rumored to be several former cricket players in the running, with Gautam Gambhir emerging as the clear favorite for Team India’s head Coach. It appears that they are also looking at the names of VVS Laxman, Ricky Ponting, Justin Langer, and Stephen Fleming.

A big obstacle in the way of the perfect choice

There is a big obstacle in the way of the perfect choice for head coach. Dravid has a fantastic opportunity to end India’s ten-year ICC trophy drought at the next T20 World Cup. There is still pain from the Men in Blue’s devastating home-court World Cup final 2023 loss to Australia. In addition to adding Dravid’s name to cricket history, a T20 World Cup triumph would lay a solid basis for his successor to build upon.

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Team India's head Coach

The skilled Indian squad that the new head coach will take over is full of potential. They will, therefore, also need to deal with a few important issues. Consistency has been a problem with middle-order batting, raising questions. Part of the new coach’s plan will be to find Rohit Sharma the perfect opening partner and develop youthful potential. Furthermore, key priorities will be preparation for the 2027 ODI World Cup and creating a potent bowling attack.

People have appreciated Dravid’s focus

In addition, the head coach must cultivate a supportive team culture and solidify his or her bonds with the players. People have appreciated Dravid’s composed demeanour and focus on player development; his successor must do the same.

It is a difficult effort for the BCCI to sort through legitimate applications and choose the best applicant. Even if the humorous applications could make people giggle for a little while, the board is aware of how serious the matter is. In addition to attempting to break the Men in Blue’s long-standing curse of winning the ICC trophy, the chosen head coach will guide Team India to future success.

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