KKR vs SRH playoffs: Battle begins for the IPL champions 2024

KKR vs SRH playoffs: Battle begins for the IPL champions 2024


And the IPL playoffs are here, kickstarting today at sharp 7:30 pm IST, where Kolkata will be taking over Hyderabad. All eyes will be glued today on the screens as the lights shine bright over the 22 yards of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Witness today’s do-or-die eliminator match and watch ipl live only on Winexch.

KKR’s Russell and Narine among other players, while Travis Head and Cummins of SRH have displayed exceptional performance, disrupting the bowling strategy of opposition teams, which have led them to pocket the top 2 standings at the IPL points table.

Before we dive deep into the blog explaining today’s 1st playoff match between KKR vs SRH, it’s equally important to put limelight into the fact that this years’ IPL has been an absolute rollercoaster and a delightful charm to the eyes!

With RCB that lost all hope to pave their way to the qualifiers, to climbing the ladder and defeating CSK by the 18 runs margin has casted a margin that no one expected to witness!

Additionally, the veteran team MI, who have been crowned as 5 time IPL champions, was also knocked out of the tournament, despite Hardik Pandya as the captain, who led GT towards their inaugural win in 2022, and runners-up in 2023.

The underdog team, Rajasthan, who lifted the trophy in their inaugural season in 2008 has been looking to lift the trophy, but no luck! This season, Rajasthan has hooked off other teams with their jaw-dropping performances throughout! 

Rajasthan will take over Bangalore in tomorrow’s 2nd playoff match! Let’s dive deep in today’s IPL match between KKR vs SRH. Winexch brings you the convenience to watch ipl online at your fingertips! Sign up on the platform, and enjoy 24×7 entertainment on the go!



KKR vs SRH: Team news from the pitch

Today’s match between KKR vs SRH will be extremely crucial for both the teams, as today’s winner will directly get the entry ticket for the IPL 2024 finals in Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. The losing team will have a last chance to redeem themselves at Qualifier 2 on May 24.

The teams need to wind up and develop a robust on-field strategy to restrict the flow of runs, as well as disrupt the batting lineup of the opposition. 

The experienced players of KKR and SRH, especially Russell, Narine, Iyer, Cummins and Travis Head will be the key players of the game and can change the match in their favor at any instant!

The fierce batting and strategic bowling of both the teams will play a significant role in today’s IPL match and at the same time, will be a constant threat to the opposition.

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However, KKR does hold a loose end – opener Phil Salt. Salt was flown away to England to prepare for the upcoming T20 match series against Pakistan. Also, KKR, not having played in the last 10 days or more, need to grasp form in the early overs to secure the power play in their favor. 

Speaking of the IPL points table, KKR holds the top position with an impressive 9 wins in 14 matches, which led to a total of 20 points and a NRR of +1.428. Besides, SRH is not far behind. SRH boasts an impressive 17 points with 8 wins in 14 matches, and a NRR of +0.414.

KKR and SRH have clashed against each other for a total of 26 times in IPL, with KKR emerging victorious in 16 matches, while SRH won 9 of them and 1 match was drawn.

The Shreyas Iyer-led KKR franchise holds an edge in today’s match over SRH, statistics reveal as Kolkata have won 1 of the 2 matches played against Hyderabad in this year’s tournament.


Kolkata vs Hyderabad: Pitch & Weather report

Sources say that the black soil pitches at the Narendra Modi Stadium is ideal ground to open the playoffs, and are currently being prepared. The pitch at the Ahmedabad stadium is a dual paced surface which facilities the spinners!

Despite the reports that showcase that out of 7 matches played here, 4 were won by the team batting second, the captain who wins the toss is likely to opt for fielding first!

Both the teams equally hold a potential to win today’s match. Google predicts that SRH holds a slighter advantage than KKR, with SRH holding a 51% win predictability, while KKR holding 49%.

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