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Kapil Dev says woh “Virat Kohli” ki tarah uchhal kood nahi karta…

Kapil Dev says woh “Virat Kohli” ki tarah uchhal kood nahi karta…


The current captain of India, Rohit Sharma, has received great praise from cricket veteran Kapil Dev, who emphasized both his batting and leadership abilities. The 1983 World Cup-winning captain of India, Kapil, praised Rohit for his different approach from Virat Kohli.

At an ABP Live event, Kapil remarked, “He (Rohit) doesn’t play like Virat, doesn’t jump around like Virat.” Even though Kapil acknowledged Kohli’s aggressive style, he highlighted Rohit’s awareness of his limitations, saying, “But he knows his limitations, and within those limitations, there is no better player than him.”

This commendation follows Rohit’s 92-run burst that vaulted India into the T20 World Cup semifinals. His wicket versus Australia laid the groundwork for a commanding 205 runs to win comfortably.

Beyond praising Rohit’s hitting, Kapil also praised his style of leadership. He emphasized how Rohit puts the success of the team before his accomplishments. “Many big players come, they care about their careers, even do captaincy from that point of view,” Kapil stated. “That’s why Rohit has an extra tick (mark) because he keeps the entire team happy.”

Both fans and experts have found resonance in this selfless approach. It has been praised that Rohit’s leadership has created a supportive team atmosphere where players can flourish. This might be important when rain threatens to ruin India’s semi-final matchup with the reigning champs, England. If they prevail, they will play South Africa, who eliminated Afghanistan in the opening semifinal match.

Kapil Dev

India has a good chance of adding another World Cup championship to their trophy collection with Rohit leading the team. He is a force to be reckoned with because of his composed leadership and potent batting, and Kapil Dev’s appreciation is evidence of his rising prominence in Indian cricket.


  1. For what reason did Kapil Dev compliment Rohit Sharma?

Kapil Dev praised Rohit Sharma for his batting prowess and leadership qualities. He emphasized Rohit’s ability to inspire his teammates and his composure under duress.


  1. How is the captaincy of Rohit different from that of Virat Kohli?

In contrast to Virat Kohli’s more demonstrative manner, Rohit leads with a quieter confidence, according to Kapil Dev.


  1. What aspect of Rohit Sharma’s batting performance pleased Kapil Dev?

India’s progress to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup was largely attributed to Rohit’s spectacular 92-run innings against Australia.


  1. What difficulties does captain Rohit Sharma have ahead of him?

In a key T20 World Cup semi-final match against England, Rohit will captain India. His direction will be essential to ensuring success.

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